Poetic Progression

August 13, 2007

I am a raging workaholic and a working ragaholic

Recursive but not redundant, like and engineer, like an ant

Expressions, progressions or modifications, these are my obsessions

Encrypted, decrypted my vision is sometimes faded

Nullified truncated, I hope with this girl I won’t be negated.

just something to get my mind off of something…


Download Torrent Without A Client Software

August 1, 2007

I mysel, am fund of downloading torrents. They just make our lives easier and better. But what will you do if you’re in another pc , and you don’t have your favorite client software installed? Here’s a solution to that …. “Bitlet”. This is a java applet, which acts as a client to download torrents. As of not it is still on a young age, but I’ve got a feeling that it will be famouse soon. This will be a great help specially for people who transfer from one machine to another, from time to time.


A Hope for Better Linux Drivers

July 31, 2007

Whoa !! Dell is pushing better linux drivers. This means that Linux users will hopefully have better drivers for their video cards, sound cards, and other hardwares. I am also thankfull to read this news myself. I hope my ATI Radeon X1550 will be on the list. I just want my XGL back.

To read more about the details, follow this link http://stripslashes.atwebpages.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=24&Itemid=1



July 27, 2007

Linux featured on an avenger’s comic. This one clearly showed GRUB bootloader, and a couple of kernels to choose from. The funny thing is that they got this weird “ACCESS DENIED” error that you won’t get from grub. Here’s a pic…

visit stripslashes.atwebpages.com for more of these


us.php.net unusual thing on website

July 24, 2007

I just checked on us.php.net, and I found this weird thing on top of their site. I saw this while using firefox, on a mac. I tried using safari, but it didn’t show. Anyway, here’s what I saw.



shared sympATI

July 13, 2007

It’s getting late now, and I just wanna lounge and not do work. Usually, I blog or tinker with anything,but lately I’ve been spending some time on how to get my video card to work properly on my linux. Right now I am using ATI RADEON X1550 on a mandriva 2007.1 OS.

Before I had this, I used to have an nvidia 7100GS, which worked properly. This means that I was able to get the 3D enabled, and have beryl installed. Now I am pretty much used to using beryl on my desktop, and I am comfortable with it. Sad to say, I am not able to do that on this ati card. This one works well on my windows, and even performs better. But thats the thing, my windows OS is just for games, so I don’t use it that much. What I’d really want is to enable 3D acceleration on my mandriva. I found out that the cause of this was actually a bug. I have participated on various forums regarding this, and am lucky enough that mandirva already knows about the problem.

So, I realized that there’s nothing I can do yet, but to wait for a bug fix, since I didn’t find any tweaks. Just this night, while I was checking on dig, I found an article, and was quite surprised. It seemed that there are more people who have problems similar to mine. Like what they say “Let’s convince ATi to make quality drivers or open-source them! For all of you who suffer from lack of desktop effects or compositioning!”

Now, I would definitely agree to this line. Although I’m not loosing hope on my card, but if I knew that this could happen, I could have just bought an nvidia card. Well, I not only that this was charged from my pocket, I can also charge this to experience. I hope this problem will be solved soon.

Here’s the dig article : http://jaiku.com/channel/twit/presence/6638800


SUSE feel on mandriva (installing kickoff-qt on mandriva)

July 11, 2007

From the title of this post, it is clear enough that this is somewhat related to migrating from one OS, SUSE in this case, to another. I did switch from my suse to mandriva with no particular reason.

One of the main things that made a difference was the kde’s menu. the default kicker menu on mandriva didn’t have that search box which would direct you to where the shortcut is directed, and I felt that it was something that I should have. So I decided to install kickoff, a replacement for the default kicker which was originally for suse. I used this before, and I was comfortable with.

The first thing you need to get this up in running on mandriva is you need to install kickoff-qt. But in order to do this you will need to install liblazy. The fastest and the most comfortable way of doing this is to install using urpm. I advice adding urpm sources to your installation source list first, so you wont have a problem on where you could download the stuffs. To do this, go to http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/, and just follow the directions on the site. Of course, pic mandriva as your distro. After installing these installation sources, you can now install liblazy and kickoff-qt using rpmdrake. Note: I happen to install kickoff-mandriva-0.1.655773-4mud2007.1 , and liblazy-0.1-1mud2007.1.

After installing the two packages, it will be best to test if kickoff qt is running. to do this, you need to kill your kicker process. You can do this by simply checking on the process manager, or typing “ps -aux | grep -i kicker” on your CLI, and kill the process using “kill <process number>” now that you’ve killed kicker, you can now start running kickoff but using this command “/opt/kickoff-mandriva/bin/kicker“. By now, you should have kickoff up and running. When you need to revert back, just do “dcop kicker kicker restart“.

Now, all these will surely run your kickoff menu, but this will not run it automatically on boot. To enable this you will need to edit this file “/usr/share/autostart/panel.desktop“. Look for the line that has Exec=kicker, and replace it with the absolute path of your kickoff binary. It will look like this “Exec=/opt/kickoff-mandriva/bin/kicker“. After doing this, reboot, and you’ll have kickoff-qt running.

May I also point out that this one works only on kde. (well that is what I know about it).